Ryoko’s Book 1:
My American and Japanese friends wanted to know how I came to live in the U.S.  Please click on the “Ryoko’s Book 1” tab above.

I have interspersed my account with the letters I received from my parents over the years.  Their writings are works of substance, in my view.  I have a hunch that readers might enjoy their writings more than my own story.  Some of their original letters in Japanese are presented in this blog in a scanned PDF format for my Japanese readers.

As of mid-September, 2011, I have completed Chapter XXX, the first segment of “My Life in the U.S.”

Some of my translations into English are not literal.  Occasionally, I wrote English first, and then translated that part into Japanese.

So that the online reading would be easier, beginning December, 2012, I worked on re-formatting each chapter;  for example, using larger fonts and making line spacing wider.  The work was done at the end of April, 2013.

Ryoko’s Book 1:
私がどうしてアメリカに来て、定住することになったかを知りたいという、アメリカ人・日本人友人のために書いた文章です。上に見える、”Ryoko’s Book  1″ ボタンをクリックして下さい。


2011年9月半ば現在、”My Life in the U.S.”とでも言うべき文章は全30章をもって終了しました。



Japanese Historical Novel:
I am also posting my English translation of a short historical novel written by my sister, which was published back in 1957 and was nominated for Japan’s national Literary Award, “Naoki Awards,” in the same year.  Please click on the “Japanese Historical Novel” tab above, and then the book title, “Choshin, A Samurai General.”  The original Japasnese novel 『寵臣』is also posted here, as a scanned PDF document, for Japanese readers.

歴史小説  -『寵臣』
これは私の姉が書いた歴史小説で、秀吉の寵臣だった石田三成のお話ですが、1957年に発表されると同時に『直木賞』候補に挙がった作品です。原文をスキャンし、そのままPDFフォーマットで突っ込んだため、読みにくい点があるかもしれませんが、上に見える”日本の歴史小説』、次いで『寵臣』をクリックされて下さい。本書の英訳版も、”Japanese Historical Novel”ページに掲載しました。

Japanese Lessons:
I was a working woman throughout my life in the U.S. until 2005 when I retired.  Since retirement, I have been teaching Japanese at one of the prominent schools in Illinois, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, on its international languages program.

We use a textbook in the class.  However, recognizing that the use of a textbook alone is far from being sufficient, I have been creating my own “supplemental teaching materials” and sending them, via e-mail, to all my students.  I have posted some of them in the “Japanese Lessons” page of this blog.  I may post many more.
Japanese Lessons:
イリノイ州Lincolnshire市にあるAdlai E. Stevenson高校では、いわゆるコミュニティ・教育プログラムの一環として、長年、近在の企業又は一般人対象の日本語クラスを提供しております。私はアメリカ在住中、子育てをした数年間を除き、ずっと仕事をしてきましたが、アメリカ人たちに日本語を教えることには、深い関心を持ち続けてきました。このため、2005年に仕事から引退したあとすぐ、このAdlai E. Stevenson高校のプログラムに参与し、近在のアメリカ人たちに日本語を教えております。クラスで使用する教科書だけでは物足りないと思い、自家製の補習教材を各クラス後、生徒達に配布して来ましたが、その教材のいくつかを、このブログの”Japanese Lessons”ページに突っ込んでみました。この先、追加していく予定です。

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. May Nakano says:

    Ryoko, this is the third time I am posting a comment. I feel awful that you haven’t seen my previous comments. Since I’ve forgotten what they were, please allow me to express my current thoughts: Hilarious, Ryoko! I am guffawing at some of the mental pictures that form as I read you jottings. Puts me in a good mood, Lord knows I need it. With love, from your friend May

  2. Luis says:

    Dear リョウコ-san,
    It has been a while since Iast time I visited your blog. Actually you had only 6 chapters uploaded then and I see that now you have 18!!! Congratulations indeed. Although I enjoyed very much reading the first 6 chapters and would like to catch up, I have to confess that reading for long time on the screen of my computer does not make things pleasant. I think many people among your interested readers will share my opinion. Hence I’d like to encourage you once again: Publish your book!!! Please visit http://www.lulu.com. It is easier and quite affordable. I have published two paperback books for my father already. ( Each book of about 180 pages. I’ve printed 60 copies of each book @ ~$7.00 each. The result is great, it is professional printing. I’ve got quite familiar with the lulu.com publishing procedure. Should you decide to publish yours I will be very glad to help you. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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